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Kendall Jenner Has Reportedly Broken Up With Ben Simmons After Cheating On Him Twice


We all knew it was going to happen eventually, but Kendall Jenner has reportedly finally ended things with Philadelphia 76ers Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons.

The pair has been in a rocky situation over the past few weeks, and after spending three months together this summer, Kendall decided it was time to see other people.

If you're wondering why the relationship between the two has been a bit rough prior to their breakup, it was revealed that Kendall cheated on Simmons not once, but twice during their fling, coming up with multiple excuses that the Australian star would accept with open arms.

Jenner has been caught in public kissing two men that weren't Ben Simmons, and reportedly told Ben that one of them was 'like a brother to her' and that he should think nothing of it.

Thankfully, for everyone involved, including Philadelphia and Australian basketball fans, the two decided enough was enough and will go their seperate ways, clearing Simmons of a potential Kardashian curse striking him down next season.

Close call.