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Kevin Durant Agrees That Devin Booker Shouldn't Be Double Teamed In Summer Pickup Game

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

With the prime of free agency in the rearview mirror, and the season still months away, the NBA is in its official "dead zone."

But just because us fans might have nothing to talk about, does not mean the players are spending all of their days on the beach. In fact, even summer workouts can get pretty intense.

In one such workout that happened recently, a clip of Devin Booker went viral when he urged his colleagues that double-teaming in an open gym was not the thing to do. NBA superstar Kevin Durant took to Twitter in agreeance.

Booker later responded to former NBA star Gilbert Arenas' take on the issue, engaging in an exchange of words on Instagram.


Young superstar Devin Booker is widely recognized as one of the most elite scorers in the game today. And while his game leaves much to be desired, he is clearly hard to handle on defense.

Last season for the Suns, he averaged 26.6 points and 6.8 assists -- career marks for the 22-year-old star. We can only guess what those numbers will look like this season, especially if he plays in the same way we saw in that summer workout.