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Kevin Durant Calls Out Chris Broussard As The Two Battle It Out On Twitter

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

Kevin Durant's latest Twitter shenanigans have him in an all-out battle with Fox Sports analyst Chris Broussard. After Broussard called the Warriors' latest stretch of basketball dominance Durant's "worst nightmare," the recovering Golden State star fired back with a rather slick response.

Soon after, Broussard went back on the airwaves to describe what he called a "love-hate" relationship with the reigning Finals MVP.

Of course, Durant completely denied the story, and was not afraid to call Chris out on his "lie."

The NBA analyst responded back, making the point that a social media DM is practically the same as a text message these days.

You got Chris Broussard making it seem like he used to text Kevin Durant every day. You got Durant making it sound like they don't get personal at all -- so who's the liar?

It sounds like both are overexaggerating the nature of their relationship, a relationship that will probably never be the same again. KD does not respond to his critics well, and Broussard, unfortunately, just became one of the enemies in his eyes.