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Kevin Durant Has Started Making His Own 'Snake' Jokes


Kevin Durant is becoming self-aware.

When KD joined the Golden State Warriors back in the summer of 2016, the label that was immediately pinned on him for making the move was 'snake'. Durant snaked his teammates and loyal fans in Oklahoma City all so he could win a ring or two with the best team in basketball. The name stuck through the first two years of his tenure with the Warriors, and now it's one of the biggest running jokes within the NBA online community.

The nickname was bound to annoy Durant when it first surfaced, but it seems KD has grown to adopt the moniker, making a joke at his own expense after Barstool Sports posted a video of a large snake slithering around on a golf course on Instagram.


Usually when athletes try to be funny on social media, it can crash and burn, but this comment from Durant was actually hilarious.

Maybe KD could take up comedy when he hangs them up?