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Kings Instagram Roasts Woman, Makes Her Delete Account

Kings Instagram Roasts Woman, Makes Her Delete Account

The people in charge of the Sacramento Kings Instagram account have unlocked a new level of savagery. They roasted a girl so bad that made her delete her Instagram account after she tried to blast the team and their fans.

Two days ago, the Kings posted a video of Dewayne Dedmon with the caption ‘DIALED IN’, when a girl named Jessica commented: ‘Imagine being a KINGS fan’, which wasn't very welcome by the person who was managing the account at that moment and made them write an unexpected and rude response

‘Imagine dissing the Kings when you’re a girl but look like De’Aaron Fox. No wonder why your bio says single,’ they told the woman.

Although that comment wasn’t cool from the girl, the team's answer, either. Ultimately, this woman decided to delete her Instagram after receiving such a response by the Kings and the subsequent hate from the team's fans.

Now people have started to wonder if this whole thing seriously happened, more so after she allegedly deleted her account. However, what you do on the internet never disappears and people took the time to capture the exchange and saved it for eternity. For those who still doubt, take a look at the screenshot below (H/T @stephenamemes):

roast jessica

Fans are waiting to see if somebody is going to be fired because of these comments, as it happened a couple of years ago with the man who managed the Houston Rockets Twitter account and sent a creepy message to the Dallas Mavericks.

The NBA is a wild world and sometimes social media gives us moments that we hardly ever see on the court.