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Kobe Bryant Jokes That He Would Consider Coming Out Of Retirement If The Lakers Lost Their Next Two Games


It would fulfill every basketball fans' dream to have Kobe and LeBron James play on the same squad.

Sure, it happened in the Olymics, but we're talking about on the NBA landscape, as L.A. Lakers.

It's a dream, sadly, we'll probably never see become reality... so long as the Lakers win one of their next two games. Here's what The Mamba said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that had some folks talking this week:

Kimmel: “How many games in a row would the Lakers have to lose for you to un-retire, for you to come back to the team? If we got to 20 (losses in a row), you would think about it, right?”

Bryant: “If they go 0-5 I’ll think about it.”

And in case you were wondering if he was serious...

Kimmel: “You’ll think about it?”

Bryant: “No.”

Sorry, everyone, Kobe is not coming out of retirement. It was a joke.

But judging by the words, he does have enough confidence in the Lakers to bet they won't be starting 0-5.

They play against the Suns tonight, with Ingram and Rondo still under suspension. If they can stop the Booker/Ayton tandem, then we should expect to see their first W tonight.

The question remains, though, how good will they be throughout the rest of the season? Heck, they might need Kobe to come out of retirement if they don't start winning here soon...