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Kobe Bryant Tells The Story Of The Time He Played One-On-One With Beyonce's Dad Matthew Knowles

(via TMZ)

(via TMZ)

Kobe Bryant is retired now, but we got a little reminder at just how competitive the guy was during his 20-year NBA career. In a sit down with the media, a video recently got resurfaced, which featured Kobe Bryant and Beyonce's Dad Matthew Knowles going at it in a game of one-on-one.

MK is actually seen scoring an easy buck on Kobe, and it sparked a lot of speculation in the day.

Now, Kobe is saying it nothing he did not allow to happen.

He made it clear that even though the move was nice, he intentionally let Knowles score and then started playing for real. The Mamba made it known that he ended up with the win, despite what the video may (or may not) show.

As for a rematch, Knowles wants another shot at Kobe, saying he'll "kick [his] ass" again!! (via TMZ Sports)

At this stage, it is unlikely we'll see a rematch, Bryant is far too busy for this kind of thing nowadays. Still, it was nice to hear him reflect on a match that happened over a decade ago.