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Kobe Tells Amazing Story Of What He Told Shaq During His Rookie Year

(via Gigantes del Basket)

(via Gigantes del Basket)

Kobe and Shaq were a duo that rocked the NBA for years. 3 NBA Championships, and an almost unstoppable stretch, it's hard to see their partnership as anything but a success.

Still, things were not easy for the pair -- and small, little differences in play-style soon became something neither could overcome.

They split after years of dominant play together, and each won Championships apart from each other.

But what was it, exactly, that drove these guys apart? A lot of things, but one recent story told by Kobe Bryant may give a few hints as to the core of their problem.

In this interview, he reveals the time he told Shaq, as a Rookie, to "just get the rebound."

Kobe wanted to shoot the ball every time he touched it -- and he was not afraid to do so. As a big man in the post, Shaq was expecting to get passed the ball on the inside so he could make a move and score.

This dynamic drove a wedge between the stars. But, more than anything, this story really encompasses what Kobe's mentality was as a basketball player.