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Kyle Korver's Incredible Family Tradition Revolving Around The Letter K.

Kyle Korver's Incredible Family Tradition Revolving Around The Letter K.

We’ve found the NBA equivalent to the Kardashian family and it completely revolves around Kyle Korver and his family.

Kyle Korver is the oldest of four children, all four kids being boys and more surprisingly, all four boys have names starting with K. Klayton, Kaleb and Kirk are the three brothers of Kyle which is very similar to the Kardashians sisters of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.

Where this gets even crazier is that Kyle’s father and uncle’s names also start with the letter K, his father Keith and his uncle Kris. This must be the reasoning that the Korver family continued with naming their children with the same letter when the four boys were born.

Kyle Korver who is one of the game’s best shooters has taken this to yet another level by continuing the tradition with his very own kids, his daughter Kyra and his sons Knox and Koen. We’ll now have to wait and see when Kyle’s kids are all grown up and starting their own families to see if they too will keep this going.

Unfortunately for the entire Korver family, Kyle’s brother Kirk died earlier this year at the age of just 27. He too was a talented basketball player, playing for five years at the University of Missouri, Kansas City where he scored 597 points.

Kyle gave the eulogy at his brother’s funeral where he gave an emotional and beautiful message to his parents.

"You will always have four sons; there will always be four," he tearfully told his parents.

Kyle Korver was traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Utah Jazz just days ago, with his career coming to an end soon, Korver may play out the rest of his basketball in Utah if all goes well this season.