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Kyle Kuzma Flamed By NBA Stars On Instagram After Posting Picture With Awful Outfit

(via Kyle Kuzma/Instagram)

(via Kyle Kuzma/Instagram)

As he prepares to enter year three of his young NBA career, Kyle Kuzma has taken it upon himself to remake his image. He's been working on his game to become a more consistent shooter, a more willing passer, and better lockdown defender.

Included among his summer plans is what might also be a wardrobe crisis, which has recently been noticed by the NBA community.

After posting a picture on Instagram, in which he dons a particularly brutal outfit, the dude was roasted by the masses for his horrific choice of clothes.

We have actually seen some bizarre fashion sets before from Kuz, such as this bold statement from December of this past season.

Still, this latest choice of outerwear is perhaps the most disturbing yet. Will the roast sessions help him calm down, or is this style just something we should expect from Kuzma these days?

For all of our sakes, let us hope it's the former.