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Kyle Kuzma Trolls Brandon Ingram On Twitter Over New Hairstyle


Since the start of last season, the Los Angeles Lakers have had one of the funniest groups of young guys the league has seen, perhaps even rivalling the likes of NBA Twitter king Joel Embiid himself.

Since drafting Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart in last year's draft, team chemistry has been off the charts in Laker land, perhaps to a fault, as the three rookies were relentless on Twitter and Instagram, calling each other out on almost a daily basis. It got so bad at one stage, that the Lakers front office had to step in after Lonzo Ball released a diss track targeted at Kyle Kuzma, entitled 'Kylie Kuzma.'

Kuzma is a good sport however, and he's just as good at dishing it out as he is at taking it. During last night's Summer League game between the Lakers and Detroit Pistons, Brandon Ingram was spotted on the sidelines sporting a new 'do, reminiscent of the 80's. Kuzma saw his chance, comparing Ingram's new hairstyle to Michael Jackson's in the 'Thriller' music video.

Twitter ate it up, as it wasn't long before BI's face was plastered on some MJ album covers.

You can't even tell the difference.

Let's see if any of the Laker young guns are brave enough to start taking shots at their newest teammate LeBron James' hairline.