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Kyrie Irving Reveals Who He Thinks The Best Player On The Warriors Is


In an appearance on Bill Simmons' podcast, Kyrie Irving stated his thoughts on the Golden State Warriors:

"Kevin Durant has a presence about him that's really unassuming, but he dominates game," Irving said to Bill Simmons ... "Yes, he's on an incredible team, but he's also the best player on that team."

Since 2016, there's been a lot of debate regarding who the best player on the Warriors is. Stephen Curry was the star of the Warriors before Kevin Durant signed with the team in 2016, and helped them win a Championship in 2015.

Durant, while joining only two years ago, has earned back-to-back Finals MVPs to go along with a skillset widely regarded as the second-best in the NBA. Together, these two form quite a sizeable tandem.

Individually, though, the status of their game will be a matter of debate. At leats for Kyrie, he's chosen his side.