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Kyrie Irving Shares Lovely Photo With Fiancée Marlene Wilkerson

Kyrie Irving Shares Lovely Photo With Fiancée Marlene Wilkerson

Kyrie Irving is one of the most enigmatic players in the NBA. As a star, he has proved to be controversial numerous times, most notably with his stance against COVID-19 vaccination that saw him miss large parts of last season and in many ways led to the Brooklyn Nets disappointing in the NBA playoffs. 

Unfortunately, this has led to a lot of the energy around Irving being quite negative, with him being criticized several times by some fans as well as media members. Stephen A. Smith vocally called Kyrie out on ESPN, and even the guard himself accepted that some of the things he did last season created something of a distraction for his team. 

But now the season has been over for Irving for a while, allowing him some time away from the limelight. This will have been a huge help for Kyrie, who recently shared a lovely picture with his fiancée, Marlene Wilkerson, on Instagram. Wilkerson and Irving have a child together, and things seem to be going well for Kyrie in his personal life, something fans spoke about in the comment section of his post:

"I'm so happy for Kyrie, man."

"What a beautiful couple."

"Bless you, my guy!"

"That smile from Kyrie, yeah, he's back."

"Yessir prime Kyrie coming next season."

"Great photo, man."

"Uncle Drew be pulling, for sure."

"This is so great, I love both of you."

"This is absolutely goals."

"Kyrie deserves happiness in his life man."

"Peace to you and those you love, man."

Irving has been through quite a bit of adversity in recent times, even if some of it may have been thanks to his own decisions. The offseason is key for players to take time away and recharge around their loved ones, so it's good to see Irving have that opportunity. He will have a lot to prove next season, but until then, a happy Kyrie is ideal for Nets fans.