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Lance Stephenson Flexes His Lamborghini Motor Boat In New Video

Lance Stephenson

Do you remember Lance Stephenson? The last time we saw him, the guy was enjoying his return to Indiana as a versatile bench point guard.

While he played admirably for the Pacers last season, he has yet to sign another contract, and it remains to be seen if he'll get one signed before the start of next season.

Despite all the uncertainty about his future, Lance is taking it all in stride as he continues to live life to the fullest. This week, he even went viral on Twitter after posting a video with him on a Lamborghini motor boat.

It's good to see Lance out there enjoying himself, and hopefully, we'll be able to enjoy him on the court soon enough.

Despite being in and out of the league over the past couple of years, Lance has always been a fan favorite for the effort he gives during the games and some of the antics he pulls off against his foes.

One of his most notorious moments came against LeBron James in his Heat days, when Stephenson hilariously blew in his ear on a loose ball.

Stephenson was a part of the Indiana Pacers, who were led by Paul George in 2014 as they matched up against LeBron's Miami Heat in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals. Lance did his best to try and contain James but couldn't match up from a skill perspective.

As a result, Stephenson tried to get into LeBron's head with a lot of non-basketball things. An example of the same could be the clip of Lance blowing into LeBron's ears during a game. The man who became teammates with LBJ in 2018 has explained what happened there by simply saying 'I just wanted to win!'

You can't blame a guy for resorting to unusual tactics against one of the game's best players. When there's only so much you can do to slow down a player like LeBron James, it makes sense to think outside of the box a little.

Lance has always been that guy, both on and off the court. So, even when he's waiting for a new NBA home, the guy is going to have fun and enjoy all of the perks that come with being a pro-baller.