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Lance Stephenson Hilariously Compares Himself To Michael Jordan

Lance Stephenson Hilariously Compares Himself To Michael Jordan

Ah, Lance Stephenson; he’s always been one of the funniest players in the NBA. From his 1 on 1 playstyle to the way he celebrates, Stephenson has never failed to entertain in his time in the NBA.

Now that he’s with LeBron and the Lakers there is an even bigger spotlight on him than before. So far he’s been good for the Lakers as an energetic 6th man off the bench as LA look to get back to the Playoffs for the first time since 2013.

It hasn’t all been highlights for Lance though; in a recent game versus the Grizzlies, Lance didn’t exactly impress with a play in the 4th quarter. The Lakers blew out the Grizzlies so it wasn’t really important, but the Lakers had a fast break and Lonzo Ball passed the ball to Lance thinking he would attempt a layup or fake shot against the length of the 7 foot 1 Marc Gasol. Lance had other ideas though as he attempted to dunk on Gasol resulting in Lance missing the attempt and the ball going out of bounds with the Grizzlies winning possession.

Footage showed LeBron looking very surprised from the bench and I think his expression reflected everyone’s feeling; Stephenson isn’t a bad athlete but he’s not good enough to challenge the likes of Gasol.

Lance, as he always does, saw the funny side though. He took to Instagram after the game and posted a picture of the attempted dunk with the caption. “Thought I was MJ in space jam lol #thisafoul.”


Whether or not it was a foul is up for debate but Lance is clearly referencing the scene in Space Jam where Michael Jordan stretches his arm out cartoon-style in order to dunk over one of the Monstars in the film.


LeBron James also responds to Lance Stephenson with “Dope photo though. Tell your kids and grandkids when they are older that u made this one.”


Lance Stephenson, never change.