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LaVar Ball Isn't Sure If Bronny James Is Good Enough For JBA

Bronny James Jr. NBA

LaVar Ball is the founder of the JBA (Junior Basketball Association) which is an alternative basketball league to the NCAA for young high school and junior men to play professionally at a young age. It’s clear that LaVar will do everything he can to help promote his league and put it above College basketball in importance.

LaVar has recently spoke about LeBron’s soon to be 14-year-old, LeBron “Bronny” James Jr, who has already received offers from Duke And Kentucky. Those offers weren’t enough to make LaVar believe that LeBron’s son would be good enough to play in the JBA league.

“He gotta try out and make sure he’s good enough. He’s not good enough. He’s only like 14 years old … Yeah, he’s good enough for college, but the JBA is a step above that.”

This isn’t a total surprise to hear something like this come from LaVar’s mouth as he is very much known for his controversial opinions. Recently, his spoken about how his son, Lonzo Ball, can’t learn anything from LeBron as they are preparing to play together for the first time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The first season of the JBA has recently finished with LaVar’s son’s team, the Los Angeles Ballers, winning the title after their Finals victory. It’s still unsure if this JBA league will be a long-term thing, it certainly has a long way to go to truly compete with the NCAA.