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LaVar Ball Shoots His Shot At Molly Qerim Live On First Take

(via First Take)

(via First Take)

It had been a while since anyone had last seen LaVar Ball. But in the days following his son's trade from the Lakers, he made sure to let the world know that he was still around.

His latest appearance was on ESPN's First Take, where Stephen A and Max grilled him with questions about the Lakers, Lonzo, and the scandal with Big Baller Brand. Perhaps the most controversial moment, though, came from an exchange with Molly Qerim as she attempted to ask him another question on the show.

Check this out:

Obviously, the comment received a lot of attention online, with jokes and criticism being thrown towards LaVar.

Molly seemed composed enough, and LaVar's "wild" behavior is most likely an act for attention from the media, but maybe he took it a little too far this time. To make a move on Molly, who is married, on National Television, is just not the way to go -- especially if you are the father of an NBA star who just got traded.

But I digress.