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LaVar Ball Went Off On LaMelo In A Raging Locker-Room Rant

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As Lonzo Ball continues his season for the Lakers, the rest of the Ball family is busy raging out in Lithuania.

After 3 games in the JBA international tour, LaMelo followed a series of poor games with a fight on the court.

After LaMelo lost his cool in the JBA game brawl, LaVar let loose on the entire team for what he considered an embarrassing ordeal.

It’s rare to see this kind of emotion from LaVar. While he’s always quick to be honest about any situation, this uncut footage really gives us a side of LaVar we never get to see.

Here’s everything he said:

“You a good selfish mother(expletive). You get tapped in the head, I told your ass we can not (expletive) respond like that. You of all people, but you let me down. You (expletive) up my brand, you (expletive) up my game. We don’t win because your ass (expletive) [pretends to fight] ‘let’s go, what’cha wanna do?’ Son, I told your ass, I said you’re getting on my bad last nerve because you’re doing the wrong (expletive) over and over and over. I thought you had my back. You don’t care about nobody on the team. You don’t care about winning. You care about yourself. And I’m supposed to be calm.

“You new guys, I brought you over here to block a (expletive) shot … You might as well go back home. Come over here and play. I thought you ya’ll was hungry for a (expletive) job. Ain’t nobody getting no job playing like this. Ain’t nobody getting no job. But I tell you what, I blame this, this loss right here not on none of ya’ll. Cause ya’ll need to do your thing. I blame it on that raggedy (expletive) right there [pointing at LaMelo]. You changed the whole, the whole trip is (expletive) up now.”

LaVar told the producers later that he wanted to make LaMelo cry to see how tough he is, and he was proud that his son took the verbal assault without shedding a tear.

In the end, LaVar put his arms around LaMelo and told him everything was going to be fine.