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LaVar Ball's Shocking Comments Towards Son LaMelo: "You're Terrible Son"

LaVar Ball's Shocking Comments Towards Son LaMelo: "You're Terrible Son"

LaVar Ball is back in the headlines once again when he attacked his son, LaMelo Ball for a poor performance in a game.

In the recent episode of Ball in the Family, we found out why LaMelo asked to leave LaVar Ball’s JBA International tour early to go back to his High School in Ohio, SPIRE University.

We saw LaVar offering his son some coaching advice to his son after the opening game of the tournament at the start of the episode. He credited LaMelo’s strong offensive game but criticized the way he played defense because he wants to see his league go undefeated in the tournament.

“You gotta play defense. You can’t let that guy cut down the middle. You gotta get in front of him. Your offense is unreal. I’m not picking on you now because you’re right there to be the coldest sucka out there and to guide this team to undefeated.”

LaVar Ball felt that if his league could go undefeated the whole time in Europe, then it would add a certain sense of credibility to the league and open opportunity for overseas and European players to come to America to join the JBA.

Unfortunately for LaVar, the league lost the second match in Lithuania by 8 points which meant the dream of going undefeated was already over. What made this situation worse was that LaVar blamed the entire loss on his own son, harshly confronting him directly after the game.

“You know you (expletive) the game up right? You know you did” he told LaMelo after the game.

The episode dug deeper into the loss when they showed the two speaking privately about the match and specifically LaMelo’s poor performance in the game. To say his criticism was harsh is an understatement.

LaVar said:

“You’re terrible, son. I thought you was better than that, man. You think you’re bigger than what you are and you’re not (expletive). You’re not a good leader, son. Because you’re not focused on the game, you ain’t getting nobody to the league playing like that. Your mind gotta be super strong, and you losing it right now because you caught up in the hype. I’m gonna tell you this, if you don’t wanna play basketball, you need to go do something else.”

Some may call it tough love, others may call it terrible parenting but LaMelo saw it as fair criticism and didn’t blame his father for his harsh comments about his game.

LaMelo Ball didn’t last too long on the JBA tour as he left early to come home and return to High School basketball. It’s not clear if part of the decision to leave had anything to do with the incredible pressure that LaVar had put him under while in Europe. However, it certainly would be something that majority of kids at his age, would not be able to cope with.

The Ball in the family continues to open up some seriously surprising and interesting aspects of the lives of the Ball family.