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LeBron Appeared On Ellen And Ate The Weirdest Things For Charity


LeBron's charitable contributions seemingly know no bounds, and King James proved that this week when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to raise money for his I Promise school alongside actor Channing Tatum.

Usually, if LBJ was to donate to charity, he'd do it with his millions and millions of dollars. But Ellen decided that that was too mainstream, and challenged both LeBron and Tatum to complete a few dares, with each one equalling more money for the I Promise school.

Tequila "shot" without using hands? Check. Licking a hairy kiwi? Check. Eating ice cream with hot sauce? Check and check.

By the end, the trio, with the help of Walmart, raised $100,000 for the I Promise school, money which will definitely be put to good use.