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LeBron Betrays The Dallas Cowboys, Celebrates With Rams After Postseason Win


LeBron James is a Laker, but he's also a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan. Or, so, we thought.

Following the Rams' victory over the Cowboys on Saturday, LeBron was videoed walking in the locker room to apparently celebrate with the team.

For anyone that follows the NFL, you'll know that the Cowboys have a history of blowing playoff games. This weekend's defeat is just another game to add to the long list. Additionally, let's not forget that the Rams are housed in Los Angeles, so there's definitely a correlation between them and the Lakers' star. Still, if he wants to call himself a loyal Dallas football fan, what's he doing celebrating with the Rams after they literally beat the team he is supposed to be rooting for? In all seriousness, it's not a big deal and LeBron probably just wanted to support the team that played in his city. Some fans are using it to call LeBron James a bandwagon NFL football fan but hey, he wouldn't be the first. And LeBron did respond, so maybe we're reaching?

Maybe he's still with Dallas after all!