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LeBron James’ Basketball Double For Space Jam 2 Revealed

LeBron James’ Basketball Double For Space Jam 2 Revealed

After Space Jam 2 was announced, a lot of rumors surfaced about what this movie is going to bring. As the days go by, we get to know more details about the film, and the most recent ones involve the biggest star of the movie, LeBron James.

It’s common to see the main character of action movies getting their own stunt doubles, and that’s exactly what will happen with the King in this production. These doubles resemble the actor in some way but they are in charge of doing all of the dangerous stunts they are better trained for.

According to Harrison Faigen of SB Nation, LeBron will be getting his own basketball double.

It's unclear how they would use a basketball double. What can he do on the court than LeBron can’t? Still, it was announced that actor Sheldon Bailey, one of the stars of Nickelodeon show Game Shakers, will have the role of doing the dangerous maneuvers the King can’t, whatever those are.

His background includes participation in some of the NBA 2K games, even playing the main character ATM in 2K18 and 2K19. He is 6'6", played basketball in college, and also played professionally overseas for some time. You couldn’t ask for a better person to fill the role, as Bailey won’t have much trouble replicating James’ mannerisms and style of play.

According to CBS Sports, Bailey is not new to LeBron:

Bailey is not new to the basketball world. The 6-foot-6 actor played basketball at Florida International before his film days. Bailey is also not new to LeBron. The actor played has actually been James' "basketball double" in several ad campaigns, including commercials going back to James' first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has also played a main character in NBA2K franchise.

There's been a lot of hype surrounding this movie ever since it was announced. The first installment is loved by many fans around the world, so this time they have to do things very good to live up to the expectations.