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LeBron James' Biggest Challenge? Sneaking Into The Clubs As An NBA Rookie


So, LeBron James was pretty young when he came into the NBA. He was also quite famous, being a high-school phenom hailed as the next "Michael Jordan."

Those two things together, while no doubt quite amazing experience overall, gave LeBron a pretty big challenge when it came to sneaking into the clubs. Of course, U.S. law mandates the drinking age at 21 (for those that don't know), so King James had to wait a little bit before he was able to have that experience.

And because of his high-profile nature, LeBron couldn't exactly lie or sneak his way in like some others teenagers could.

Well, with today being his birthday, in a chat in the media, James opened up about some previous birthday experiences and included this story about his struggles as a young NBA superstar just trying to sneak in a few drinks. Have a listen...