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LeBron James Delivers A Perfect Response To Michael Jordan's "GOAT" SNF Campaign


In the Football world, the G.O.A.T. conversation consists of two players (Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers) who are still active in the league. And while they're both on different career paths, the conversation has never been more a hot-topic.

When the NFL wanted to promote the upcoming matchup between the two (on Sunday night), they recruited a guy who knows more than a thing or two about being the G.O.A.T: Michael Jordan. In the short video, he promotes the game as if it were a test of these two men' legacies.

How interesting it is that MJ is the face behind that promotion because he is dealing with something similar in the basketball world. LeBron James is quickly catching up in a lot of people's eyes, and if he wins a ring in Los Angeles, it would only solidify those claims. Even more interesting was the response of LeBron James, who was using those very same ideas in a now-viral tweet.

Clearly, LeBron puts himself right up there with MJ in the GOAT talks. Whether this was, LeBron James, if nothing else, would love the chance to prove his game with a head-to-head matchup of his own.

Alas, a LeBron/Jordan duel is outside the realms of possibility at this point, but we can still dream right?