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LeBron James Flexed In Front Of Kyle Kuzma's Girlfriend After A Dunk, She Returned A Smile

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In an NBA game, when a big play is made, we generally see players celebrate. There are definitely times when players have some wild celebrations to commemorate a play that just happens. We've seen a variety of them over the course of NBA history. 

During a Washington Wizards game against the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this year, LeBron James finished a thunderous dunk in transition. His celebration ended up being him flexing in front of Kyle Kuzma's girlfriend, to which she responded with a smile. Kyle Kuzma's girlfriend is model Winnie Harlow.

A lot of fans reacted to this moment that was captured on video. Many had joking responses to the reaction from Winnie Harlow. It is clear that this situation was humorous to a lot of people.

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It is clear that this was just an attempt from LeBron James to celebrate his momentum-changing play and joke around. LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma are known to be friends from their time together on the Los Angeles Lakers, and they notably won a championship together. It was definitely fun to see LeBron James go hard on a celebration like that, in front of the Lakers home crowd.

LeBron James is currently the scoring leader of the league, and there's no doubt that he's had to have plenty of explosive scoring nights, including this 50 point night against the Washington Wizards. The Los Angeles Lakers have been unable to make use of LeBron James' individual performances this year, and they are currently a play-in tier team that is trying to make the playoffs.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers need to finish the season strong. It would be unfortunate to watch one of the best players in the sport be unable to participate in the playoffs, and perhaps they'll avoid that by getting out of the play-in tournament.