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LeBron James Is So Happy With His Fresh Haircut

LeBron James Is So Happy With His Fresh Haircut

LeBron James has to be excited for the things the upcoming NBA season is going to bring to him and his Los Angeles Lakers. The Purple and Gold had a very entertaining offseason that helped them become title contenders the second they traded for Anthony Davis.

Even though things are looking good for the King on the court, he’s a simple man who likes to enjoy simple things while he’s not playing. We have seen him in his famous ‘Taco Tuesdays', but James just keeps finding ways to make his fans have a good time.

The last thing he did was celebrate getting his hairline restored. It’s not a secret that LeBron earned a lot of jokes for his hair and how his hairline was fading, but now things are clearly different. The 3-time NBA champion posted a video where he appeared celebrating his hairline restoration, praising the person behind the big change.

He looks really happy in the video, and he should. All those hairline jokes must have driven him crazy over the past couple of seasons. Just like his hairline, James is set to come back stronger next season, hoping to take the Lakers to the playoffs after six years.

He’s having a good offseason this year. We’ll see if the campaign turns out to be just as good, something highly likely to happen with the Lakers and all the things they are expected to do next season.