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LeBron James Jr.'s Favorite Player Isn't Even His Own Father

Bronny James Jr. NBA

Oh how much this must hurt LeBron James on the inside.

When your father is one of the greatest players to ever play the sport of basketball, it'd be understandable to have him as the player you most look up to and adore, right? Not for LeBron James' eldest son Bronny apparently.

According to LeBron James Jr. himself, his favorite player is in fact Russell Westbrook, and it's the reason why he elects to wear number 0 instead of his dad's famous 23.

What's even worse, is that James' younger son Bryce actually favors Stephen Curry over his own dad, and wears number 30 because of it. Ouch.

LeBron has always been in support of his two son's decisions though, and this is no different, as LeBron has stated in the past he actually regrets naming his first son LeBron James Jr., as he doesn't like how his two children will constantly be compared to the standards he's set for himself over his 15-year NBA career.