bron buggs

A recent "Space Jam: A New Legacy" ad showed the complex relationship between LeBron James and Bugs Bunny. The NBA superstar and the Looney Tune didn't mesh well during their time on the Toon Squad, with the latter calling the Lakers star a 'washed king.' 

That hasn't changed, and these two keep taking jabs at each other whenever they have the chance. Bron recently shared a video of a new edition of his HBO show 'The Shop.' His new guest was none other than Bugs, who was ready to stir the pot. 

Maverick Carter asked both 'players' to describe each other, starting a very entertaining exchange. 

"I mean, he's clever," Bron said, referring to Bugs. "He's kind of a master of bending the rules. [The rules of], basketball, gravity, and all that type of stuff." 

When it was Bunny's turn, he knew what to say to trigger the King. 

"LeBron? He's so supportive. He helped me realize my full potential as the GOAT," the Warner Bros. legend said. 

What followed was LeBron explaining to his teammate that playing one game doesn't mean he's earned the GOAT status. 

"Playing in one game, Bugs, in our movie, doesn't make you the GOAT," LeBron replied. 

"Well, that one game just so happens to be the most important game of either of our careers," Bunny said. "But you know what? You did good. You helped out."

LeBron couldn't believe what his teammate just said and tried to credit himself as the GOAT of the Looney Tunes, but Bugs wasn't paying much attention to that. 

This is something incredible. We've seen better and better promos for this movie every month, increasing fans' interest in the upcoming film. We're 13 days away from that moment, and Bron, WB and the rest of the people behind the project have done a terrific job exciting fans. 

They have used clever strategies to advertise this movie and we hope it is as good or better than all these promos.