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LeBron James Posts Heartfelt Message To Wife On Instagram

(via The Cheat Sheet)

(via The Cheat Sheet)

LeBron James has been showing his love to his family this summer, with the King going emotional with his kids and the way they try to follow his footsteps and supporting them to reach their goals. More recently, James has paid his tribute to the Queen, Savannah James.

Bron got married with high-school girlfriend Savannah in 2013 after having gone through thin and thick together, and the Los Angeles Lakers superstar doesn’t hesitate to show his respect and admiration towards his better half. It all started when James posted a picture celebrating his wife’s birthday on Tuesday.

"HAPPY BEAUTIFUL-DAY MY QUEEN!!!" he wrote. "Simply THANK YOU! Words can’t express my appreciation for you and it’s not for everyone else anyways cause they wouldn’t understand unless they been around this journey of ours. LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE. ENJOY YOUR DAY to the FULLEST!"

Moreover, the King has continued praising his loved one, and the Instagram posts didn’t end there. On Wednesday, LBJ posted a picture of Savannah, celebrating how lucky he was.

“DAMN You BAAM!! Bad.As.A.Muthaf*^+a. Some got no luck and some got all the luck in the world. I definitely got lucky with you that for sure!” he wrote.

It looks like James is having a great summer. He’s been having a lot of fun with his ‘Taco Tuesdays’, working silently to come back stronger and take the Lakers to the promised land in a season that looks very promising for them.