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LeBron James: "Two Points Is Not Two Points."


For a man at the peak of his powers, LeBron James sure makes it all look easy.

After having us witness yet another game-winning buzzer beater, LeBron James is looking pretty invincible right now, leading the Cavs to a commanding 3-0 lead over the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

But for the purposes of this discussion, we will not talk about what happened before the game but, rather, what happened before it. During pre-game shootaround, James uttered this strange phrase to the media:

Two points is not two points?

Surely, he must be talking about the effects those two points have on the outcome of the game. But what exactly are the details behind it? And while we were promised to get an update on it later, it'll have some of us seriously meditating on what the words could really mean.... what do you think?