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LeBron James Welcomes Bronny James To Instagram, And Sends A Message To The Haters

LeBron James Welcome Bronny James To Instagram, And Sends A Message To The Haters

One of the biggest names in basketball that is yet to hit the NBA is LeBron James Jr, the son of the great LeBron James. The young son otherwise known as Bronny officially now has his very own Instagram account and his protective and caring father has left a warning message for anyone who was planning on spreading hate on his page.

Recently, LeBron welcomed his son to Instagram through a post on his own page that reached up to 50 million followers. The post was accompanied with a caption that warned any social media trolls to stay away from his son’s Instagram page.

You would have to be a very foolish person to attack the son of a four-time MVP champion who’s threatening to take action if you do.

Bronny has proven to be a future version of his father with an incredible highlights package from High School. His father is obviously super proud of him and so he should be, the young star will hopefully be joining the league himself when he is old enough.

It will be quite interesting now to see if these haters will be out and about on Bronny’s page in the near future.