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LeBron Roasts His Own Hairline In Savage Tweet

(via Sports Gossip)

(via Sports Gossip)

LeBron James ages like fine wine. Despite being almost 350years-old, he is in the midst of another extraordinary season -- one in which he has played every single game.

Unfortunately, for the King, he wasn't afforded that same luxury to his hair. Bron's ever-receding hairline is probably the league's worst-kept secret, as it is routinely the subject of lighthearted jokes and memes online. So, it seems Father Time hasn't completely ignored him.

Interestingly, though, James took part in the fun as well, posting to Twitter to make fun of his own hair loss.

Looking back to James in his younger state, he actually had some nice hair, even rocking some sick cornrows at some point.

Alas, it seems those days are long over for the King. His good health, dominant play, and team success seems to have come at a price.

Still, James would probably give up a full head of hair any day if it means he gets to keep going on like this. In his 17th year, James is pretty much doing the impossible -- and is having fun while doing it.