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LeBron’s Hair Falls Out During Game But Doesn't Know, Anthony Davis Lets Him Know


What if we told you that the greatest come back in the history of the game wasn't on the court? Over the course of the years, there's been a conspiration theory regarding LeBron James' hair that just got way more interesting right now.

LeBron was going bald at an alarming rate when he was playing for the Miami Heat, but all of a sudden, he got his hairline back, and it was sharper as ever.

Several photos pointing out his baldness and how his hair magically grew back flooded the internet for years, with most of his haters claiming he was using a toupee or had gone through some kind of treatment.

But now, the undisputed evidence of LeBron's hair was finally revealed, as his hairpiece apparently moved during his latest game with the Los Angeles Lakers right in front of the camera.

The King was completely unaware of the fact that his toupee had moved and his bald head was exposed to millions of people, so Anthony Davis let him know from the sidelines.

The power-forward started yelling at LeBron and pointing his head, and then the camera caught James immediately trying to cover his head with the toupee again.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting bald and most men just can't help but to embrace their genes and face the fact that their hair is never going go grow back.

James has been blessed with one of the strongest, most athletic bodies we've ever seen, but not even the King can defy father time like that.

But obviously, internet trolls are going to have a feast with James' latest failed attempt at covering his baldness, because, let's face it, it's kind of hilarious.