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LiAngelo Ball Reveals New Huge Back Tattoo

Credit: rockrollg/IG

Credit: rockrollg/IG

LiAngelo Ball has revealed a huge back tattoo to compete with his brothers, Lonzo and LaMelo. The Ball brothers are famous for their large tats. Melo has a big chest tattoo while Lonzo boasts his Black Excellence arm sleeve.

Well, LiAngelo didn't want to feel excluded and now is showing off a large backpiece. Artist Herchell L Carrasco shared the pic on Instagram on Friday, showing Gelo's back and the tattoo that says 'bet on myself' and 'beat the odds'.

The Ball brothers have come a long way. The Ball patriarch, LaVar, was against tattoos, but once LiAngelo got his first piece, the former player changed his mind, allowing the rest of his sons to get inked.

Now things have gone to the next level, with every Ball brother showing large pieces, competing against each other to see who has the best tats or who was the most.