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Lonzo Ball Explains Breakup With Longtime Girlfriend Denise Garcia

Lonzo Ball Explains Breakup With Longtime Girlfriend Denise Garcia

Lonzo Ball went through a significant moment in his life earlier this year when his partner Denise Garcia gave birth to their daughter Zoey. Unfortunately for the long-time couple, Lonzo’s relationship has slowly been falling apart.

Plenty of rumors about the couple were popping up after Zoey was born, Denise Garcia even went live on Instagram to call out Lonzo for being a ‘deadbeat’. The young Lakers guard has had his main focus on his basketball career which has prohibited him from always being there for Denise and their child.

Recently on the Season 3 Finale of Ball in the Family, Lonzo pretty much confirmed that the two were breaking up and when the Season 4 premiere aired, it was announced that it was official.

Lonzo delved into why the couple is no longer and how the two intend on being co-parents for their daughter Zoey.

"As of today, me and Denise are not together. It's just one of those things that happened. I'll always have love for Denise. She's the mother of my child. She's always cool with me no matter what. Main priority is Zoey. Basically, I'm gonna see Zoey whenever I can, so as long as she's taken care of, she has both parents in her life. That's all that matters."

It doesn’t look likely that the two newly parents will ever get back together with Denise telling everyone that she’s not going to wait on Lonzo forever. The next challenge they face is staying civil and working together to look after Zoey as she continues to grow.

It may be a challenge with Lonzo and the Los Angeles Lakers pushing towards a playoffs birth this season with unlimited potential.

You can watch the full episode here.