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Lonzo Ball Shows Off His Newest Tattoo On His Forearm


It seems LaVar Ball has eased his stance on his children getting tattoo's on themselves.

Only two months after LaVar Ball went insane at middle Ball brother LiAngelo for getting a chest tattoo without permission, Los Angeles Laker guard and oldest Ball brother Lonzo has gone out and received his own tattoo -- albeit smaller -- on his forearm.

The tattoo reads "Born 2 Ball", referencing both Lonzo's number for the Los Angeles Lakers, and Lonzo's surname (Obviously).


Many fans on Instagram were quick to put down Lonzo's newest ink, with some suggesting Ball never thought of the possibility of being traded to a team where the number 2 wasn't available for him to wear.

If that is the case, we're sure Lonzo has the money for some top-notch tattoo removalists.