Magic Johnson Is Currently Renting Out A 1. 1 Million Dollar Per Week Yacht On His Vacation


There is no doubt that due to their status as wealthy individuals, that current and former NBA players can afford things that regular people can't. When we look at what they spend their money on, there are certainly some insane luxury purchases.

It seems as though that is the case for Magic Johnson. Johnson is currently vacationing in Europe, and it looks as if he's rented out an amazing yacht that costs an astounding 1.1 million dollars per week.

The yacht has an insane list of amenities, and it looks as if it is equipped with everything one needs to live comfortably on water. There's more than enough room to live comfortably, and it seems as though the vessel is perfect for Magic Johnson's needs when traveling around Europe.

While some of us have surely been on yacht trips before, what Magic Johnson is doing is simply on another level. There is no question that in terms of having a great vacation, the "Aquila" super-yacht certainly does the trick. It is hard for any of us to see ourselves spending 1.1 million a week on a yacht, there's absolutely nothing wrong with spending that kind of money on entertainment if you can afford it like Johnson.