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Marc Cuban Says He'll Consider Participating In NBA All-Star Celebrity Game If LaVar Ball Plays

(Photo by Kevork S. Djansezian)

(Photo by Kevork S. Djansezian)

Watching Mark Cuban compete in the NBA Celebrity game this year would be absolutely awesome. Watching him face off against LaVar Ball? Even more so.

We might see both become reality on February 17th because, according to Cuban himself, it'll take getting the Big Baller Father to come and play before he considers joining himself.

When asked about his thoughts on an MJ vs LaVar matchup in the Celebrity game, Cuban said he might have to go lace 'em up himself if LaVar shows up.

Here's the full quote:

What are the chances of getting LaVar to show up? Not very high. LaVar Ball has been very quiet lately, maybe realizing his antics were going a bit too far. Also, let's be honest here, LaVar probably wouldn't hold up well in a game against celebrities, especially if MJ decides to play.

Nonetheless, people are going to push the issue, even if Cuban was just bluffing about the whole thing. Though, something tells me we don't really need to see a game to know how this one would turn out.