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Michael Jordan Hilariously Names Who He'd Like To Play One-On-One With


We've seen MJ take the stage against many NBA stars and future hall of famers.

Unfortunately for us fans, though, we'll never get to see MJ play 1-on-1 against those guys. Still, it doesn't mean we can't dream about it. In fact, we can do a lot better than that.

In a new video by ESPN, Jordan describes who he'd play with for a 1 v 1 basketball match. Here was his answer:

"Who would I like to play against 1 on 1? West, Baylor, Kobe, Bron, Melo, DWade. I don't think I'd lose, except to Kobe Bryant. He stole all my moves."

Basically, Jordan said he would only lose to a clone of himself.

Regardless, it would be quite the site to see.