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Michael Jordan: 'I'm A Better Player Than LeBron James, He Is Not Even In The Top 5'

Michael Jordan Takes A Big Shot At LeBron James: 'I'm Better Player Than LeBron James, He Is Not Even In The Top 5'

Michael Jordan is having a very good time watching his Charlotte Hornets play well this season, ranking 4th in the Eastern Conference, trying to get closer to the top 3 teams. The additions of LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward really helped the team and Jordan has shared his excitement to see what's next for the organization.

He has been very active, talking with reporters this season, and recently, he touched on the GOAT debate, but this time, he had a lot of things to say about LeBron James and why he doesn't consider The King the GOAT or even a top-5 player of all time. According to Monstars, MJ finally spoke about the never-ending debate, calling out LeBron James.

"I never want to spoke about GOAT debate, because that would be disrespectful for other legends who built the league like Jerry West, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird... I've received many questions about the GOAT debate, and this is my response:

"I'm a better player than LeBron James. It's not even close. Why? How many championships he won so far? How many championships he won with the Heat superteam? Two, right? How many with Kyrie Irving? One, right? And how many he would have won without Anthony Davis? ZERO.

"I scored more points per game, never played with a superteam, never left Chicago to join other superstars, and for me, this is not even close. He is not even a top-5 player of all time, because Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are better players than him and all have more trophies than him."

Seeing how polite Jordan had been about this matter, even saying that it was normal if people think LeBron is the GOAT, or declining to be called the GOAT, this is a very shocking revelation. His Airness always tried to keep things cool but this time he went off on the Los Angeles Lakers star.

Back in the 90s, things were tougher than now and Jordan comes from that era. Almost everybody that comes from that time says that Jordan is the greatest to ever do it, although LeBron always gets flowers. The most interesting part about this, though, is that this is an April fools joke and we're pretty sure a lot of people fell for it.

Happy April Fools Day!!! Did we catch you?

We can't even imagine Jordan talking that way about LeBron James when they have mutual respect and admiration for each other. His Airness was ruthless during his days as a player and even as an executive but it would be crazy to see him talking about LeBron with such disrespect.