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Michael Porter Jr. 'Likes' Comment About Luka Doncic Being Overrated

Credit: mpjcenter

Credit: mpjcenter

On October 16th the NBA season will start once again giving many rookies the chance to fulfill their dream of playing on an NBA hardwood. Your rookie year is always your toughest. You have so much to learn not only about the game but about yourself as a man.

There’s the hectic 82 game schedule, flying all over the country, coping with living on your own for probably the first time ever, the added pressure of NBA spotlights and host of other distractions coming your way.

These young rookies will be doing whatever they can to learn as much as possible and try and gain an advantage on the court, including a little psychological warfare as well.

Michael Porter Jr. from the Denver Nuggets has already hit the ground running in that department. He was caught ‘liking’ a comment saying that Luka Doncic the rookie from Dallas was overrated.

Doncic was the Euroleague’s MVP last season and won the Euroleague title with Real Madrid. Let’s hope Doncic sees this and uses it for extra motivation when these guys first meet. Should be a good watch given that these guys play the same position.