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Michelle Beadle Panics After Paul Pierce Farts On Live TV

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Paul Pierce has not had a good stretch of television appearances lately. After calling the series a wrap in the aftermath of Boston's Game 1 win over Milwaukee, his former team went on to lose 4 straight, making him look like quite the fool.

And now, it appears he is a laughing stock yet again, only this time for an entirely different reason.

During a segment on NBA Countdown, with the whole team essentially locked in a room, it appears as though the former NBA legend let one rip right before the cameras started rolling, creating quite an awkward (but hilarious) scene.

Beadle, who was right in the line of fire, was not shy about calling Pierce out calling him "nasty" as Jalen Rose continues to introduce the crew. But perhaps the funniest thing about it all is Paul's deafening silence throughout the whole thing. He doesn't deny it, doesn't claim it, he just sits there and stares at Michelle, as if in a taunting sort of way.

For some reason, this whole "farting on the air" thing has become a little more common in recent weeks. Max Kellerman was the latest star to let one rip in front of a live television audience in one segment on ESPN's First Take. Let us just hope this is one trend that dies out before it really begins.