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NBA Fan Roasts Clippers With Hilarious Tweet

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

It's been two days since they were eliminated from playoffs contention and the Los Angeles Clippers remain the biggest story in the NBA after blowing a 3-1 lead in front of the Denver Nuggets. They went from being atop of the world to the bottom in less than a week. They looked very comfortable with their 3-1 lead and all the dominance they showed in the first four games of the series until the Nuggets stood up and made history.

Obviously, everybody tried to troll these Clippers, making any type of jokes about their early exit and calling them out for talking a lot before and during the season. One NBA fan roasted them in a big fashion, stating you can't trust any clippers nowadays after the Clips collapse. TJ Adeshola, head of U.S. sports partnerships at Twitter, made one joke that broke Twitter and even made it to the TV.

"I’ma push back my barber appointment tomorrow.

Can’t trust any clippers right now. I’m shook," he said while the Clippers lost Game 7, 89-104, against the Nuggets.

This was arguably the greatest tweet about this Clippers' meltdown. Not even Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum roasting Paul George and Patrick Beverley had as good material as Adeshola. For real, he even made it to the TV.

The Clippers made history and it wasn't for the right reasons. Everybody is killing them now for underperforming after carrying the tag of championship favorite all season long.