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NBA Fans Are Savage Over Draymond Green's Backpack Jumpshot



The Golden State Warriors are on a mission this season to record their third championship in a row. However, some players on the side may not completely be in their best career form with players like Draymond Green really struggling with their percentage on the floor.

Green is only averaging 35.9 percent from the field this month which is well below his usual average. Basketball fans have always noticed the quirky abnormal style of Green’s shot and many have said that he looks like he is wearing a backpack every time that he shoots.

And going through twitter posts throughout the year, you can see that this has been a common perception from many basketball fans.

This poll that fan created shows that almost everyone agrees that he does shoot as if he is wearing a backpack, only four percent of the vote saying he doesn’t.

On ESPN’s program ‘The Jump’, producers created a video that edited Draymond with a back pack during the Warriors Christmas game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

With all jokes aside, the Warriors still sit on top of the Western Conference with 23 wins, two wins ahead of the Denver Nuggets in second. The franchise can’t get too comfortable though with the Western Conference as even as it’s ever been with everyone except for the Suns being a genuine contender for a spot in the playoffs.