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NBA Fans Go Crazy After Dell Curry Is Pictured With 3 Hot Girls: "Dell Curry About To Risk It All"

NBA Fans Go Crazy After Dell Curry Is Pictured With 3 Hot Girls: "Dell Curry About To Risk It All"

While Stephen Curry made big shots on the court, the public enjoyed watching him play, and some even made moves during the point guard's big night. Dell Curry was at Madison Square Garden, embracing his son in a big huge after the latter broke Ray Allen's 3-point record. 

After all the celebrations, the game continued, and Dell was spotted apparently making some moves, talking with a gorgeous woman at the stands. That was the start of the night for the former NBA player, who is currently going through a divorce with Sonya Curry. 

Moreover, Dell took some pictures with this woman, influencer AnaCherí. She shared a couple of Instagram stories watching the game with some friends and one with the record-breaking ball and Dell Curry. 

anacheri 2

Dell and Ana's friends got together to take another picture with the ball, presumably after the game ended. 

NBA fans didn't wait too long before losing it, making many comments about Dell's venture on Tuesday night. 

Just like his son was checked by a female fan on Monday, sparking many reactions from fans, Dell's moves also drew a lot of attention. Everybody had something to say about the former Charlotte Hornets player getting pictured with this girl, obviously joking about he shooting his shot with the ladies. 

AnaCherí is indeed a beautiful woman and it's not hard to see why Dell would try to know her, even if his son was playing one of the most important games of his life. 

Still, nothing more happened, that we know, after that. Dell is a proud father that saw his son make history once again at the most iconic arena in the world. The Warriors keep rolling, boasting the league-best record in the league, 23-5, demonstrating they are ready to win it all next year.