NBA Fans Makes Hilarious Edit Of Michael Jordan Reacting To Space Jam 2

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It would've been a big surprise if people didn't connect Michael Jordan to Space Jam: A New Legacy. Of course, the comparisons are inevitable, but fans always find new ideas to compare His Airness to The King, LeBron James. 

Somebody came up with an excellent idea, using footage from the Chicago Bulls, Jordan's docu-series "The Last Dance," creating an epic edit of how MJ reacted to the movie trailer. 

Whatever we say to describe won't make justice to this masterpiece, so you better take a look at it: 

This creation is hilarious. They picked the most suitable clips to mesh with the trailer, giving fans a terrific video. 

We don't know Jordan's actual reaction to the film, but we know that critics aren't so happy with the final product that LeBron James and Warner Bros. put out. The movie premiered on Friday, and we're yet to find out how it fares. 

Critics, however, didn't like what they saw, but that's exactly what happened with the first movie. Nevertheless, those were different times, and Jordan's story sat well with fans around the world. It remains to be seen if LeBron's version will have the same impact on the new generation.