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NBA Fans React To A Hilarious Joke Of Jeanie Buss Convincing Kawhi To Come To The Lakers For The Vet Minimum

Hilarious: NBA Fans React To Jeanie Convincing Kawhi To Come To The Lakers For The Vet Minimum

We're just a couple of hours away from the start of free agency, perhaps the most entertaining time in the year for a lot of fans. Rumors go back and forth, speculation is at its finest, and everybody's waiting for something crazy to happen.

For years, people have mocked Knicks and Lakers fans for their wild offseason dreams. They always think that the team will somehow get 2 or 3 superstars in the summer, regardless of how impossible it may be.

That's why content creator and bonafide prankster Josiah Johnson once again broke the internet with one of his hilarious tweets, this time regarding Kawhi Leonard opting out of his deal with the Los Angeles Clippers:

"Jeanie convincing Kawhi to come to the Lakers for the vet minimum," Johnson wrote.

"If Jeanie can get Kawhi to turn down 36 million for five million, she might go down as the greatest owner ever," one fan replied. "I know it's a joke, but does anybody really think it would even be good for the league to have Bron, AD, Kawhi & Westbrook on one team? That's a little ridiculous. The Nets are ridiculous enough," another fan added.

Obviously, no one, not Jeanie Buss, not a single person on Earth could convince a superstar like Kawhi Leonard to give up on the huge sum of money he's about to get, even if it's for a chance to join Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. Here, we share some of the best reactions to this hilarious Tweet:


This is perhaps the most unlikely thing on Earth. But hey, as Josiah himself said, 'we've seen crazier things happen'.