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NBA Fans React To LeBron James’ Hair Crisis

NBA Fans React To LeBron James’ Hair Crisis

If there is something LeBron James hasn’t been able to do during his career, that’s maintaining his hairline. The King has been roasted for that for several years now and he always seemed to hide it with his headband. Well, that doesn’t work anymore apparently.

Bron has made efforts to artificially have his hairline reinforced and for the most part, they have been successful. Yet, he has started to deal with hair loss as a whole as it looks like he’s just going against the flow.

The only issue with his hair is that it doesn't really respond well to sweat. James made headlines this weekend after his hair was looking pretty crazy and Anthony Davis let him now during Friday’s game against the Utah Jazz. LeBron tried to fix it with a headband adjustment while his teammates laughed at the Lakers bench.

Well, not only his players mocked LeBron, but fans on social media, too. For instance, things got pretty wild on Twitter, as fans didn’t miss the chance to mess with the 3x NBA champion.

Hopefully, he can get over these inconveniences and solve this situation as soon as possible.