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NBA Fans Troll Bam Adebayo After Being Spotted With 3 Girls During Miami Marlins Game


Bam Adebayo was having a really good time watching a baseball game of the Miami Marlins, being in excellent company with three chicks earlier this week. 

The Miami Heat star had a day off, and he took advantage of that, attending the stadium and watching the game with three girls that seemed pretty comfortable around the big man. 

Even though they were having a good time with each other's company, NBA fans spotted a way to troll the Heat star and his companions. Apparently, the girls weren't good enough for Bam, and the NBA community let him know. However, others defended the girls and attacked those who just made fun of people's appearances. 

NBA fans are used to seeing players dating supermodels, artists that look incredibly gorgeous and that's why this may be surprising for a lot of them. Of course, with Bam hitting the bank during the offseason, they would expect him to be surrounded by better-looking women, but this is him, and he seemed like he was having a good time there. 

NBA Twitter can be really fun sometimes, but they can be really mean, too. Hopefully, Bam had a good time with these girls and nothing bothered him during that night.