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NBA Fans Troll Bronny James With Twitch Donations

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Bronny James has become the subject of many trolls on Twitch. LeBron James' son has been a famous face on the streaming platform; he plays NBA 2K20 but internet trolls have come at him in recent days. He is arguably the most famous sports son in the world, so it's normal to see people trying to bother him every day, using any way they find.

During his recent streams on Twitch, people started to troll him with donations. You can donate just $1 and ask a question to Bronny and some found the way to twist everything. Bronny was surprised by the questions of people, including one about whether he'd date Zaya Wade (Dwyane Wade's son turned daughter) when she was legal, which shocked the young man.

You could see he was upset with the look on his face. That hasn't been the only case Bronny has been involved in these cases. Somebody compiled Bronny's best reaction to trolls and his responses in most of the cases are actually funny. We're living in a crazy world and LeBron's oldest kid has discovered that the wrong way.

He even asked somebody why their name was 'STDtesting' while playing 2K. Perhaps it's time to ask his father how to deal with this whole fame thing. He's been attacked by trolls and that doesn't seem to be changing soon.